Hey guys!

So recently, I’ve lost interest in a lot of my past interests and I decided if I’m not benefitting from it why not let someone else! So I’m here to inform you of a little giveaway I’m having:) 
It’s not to big but overall, it’s worth around $300!

What you’ll win:

•Aaron Carpenter Shirt (S)

•Reed Deming Shirt (S)

•Matty Mullins Shirt (S)

•Hunter Hayes Shirt SIGNED BUT VERY LIGHT (S)

•All Time Low Shirt, Frilled at the bottom (S)

•Mitch Lucker Shirt (S, but very long)

•Pierce The Veil Shirt (S)

•Sleeping With Sirens Shirt (S)

•Bring Me The Horizon Shirt (S)

•Mayday Parade Shirt (S)

•A Day To Remember Shirt (S)

•Jack and Jack Shirt (M)

•Lonely Girl By Tonight Alive Iphone 5/5s Case 


•A Magcon Shirt Signed by all members except shawn and Chad, Bart and Danny (S)


•Must be following me (theaaroncarpenter) , discolorated, thejackjohnson, realizating and my instagram - mm.mann (send me your insta name)

•Must like or reblog THIS post

•Likes count as one entry

•Reblogs count as 3

Side Note: I MAY throw in a “Too Rad To Be Sad” Shirt Signed By All ADTR Members but that will be determined by the notes, GIVEAWAY WILL END WHEN WE REACH 4500 FOLLOWERS




any questions, just message me!

Hi it’s may. okay so i saw one of you asked where I’ve been so I just wanna inform y’all whats going on. rn im not in a good point of life and im really sad lately but theres additional stuff to it that i dont really want to explain and cery few people know (dont ask jayne cuz she doesnt) but so i just really dont see time to get on here. IM STILL PART OF THIS ACCOUNT AND IM STILL DOING MY GIVEAWAY. i just need a break. love you all xx




husband 😍🙌
Anonymous: my middle name is jayne and I'm 14 too🙈

kewl kidz (:

here’s 15 facts about me just so y’all can know more about me because i havent really said anything about myself. ill try to find a decent pic of my later bc i currently can’t find any but here are some facts!!!?!

1. my name is jayne
2. im 14 (turning 15 on the 27th)
3. i love fruit punch
4. cats are my fav animal
5. eleanor & park is my fav book
6. i dont like to wear colors (just blacks & whites)
7. ship me with either of the jacks & ill love you 5ever
8. i basically hate everyone at school except may bc sister
9. i love cross country & lacrosse
10. this is my fav number i guess
11. i lyke boyz but they dont like me
12. i have trust issues
13. im from chicago
14. im not very funny but i like to think i am
15. i like syrup with pancakes but not with waffles


my cutie lil cupcake

Photo by Bryant Eslava

Ooh baby